King Fahd's Fountain of Jeddah

King Fahd's Fountain

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King Fahd's Fountain is one of Jeddah's most breathtaking and unmissable tourist attractions. It has even become in recent times the emblem of the town, because this water fountain is not only the tallest in Saudi Arabia; it's quite simply the tallest in the world!

With its powerful jets, unequalled elsewhere, King Fahd's Fountain will amaze those who come to see it.Immense, colossal; it can reach heights of between 240 metres and 312 metres, depending on the wind. Three large pumps work continuously to supply the 625 litres of water per second that the fountain needs, pumped out at an incredible average speed of 375 kms per hour.

Built between 1980 and 1983, the fountain came into service in 1985 and has been a source of fascination to onlookers ever since, be it local people who never tire of coming to admire it, or tourists discovering it for the first time. Imposing and stunning, this fountain is grandiose, triumphant and majestic. It is a real spectacle in itself.

Sited facing the sea in a section of the town that juts out over the water, known as the "corniche", the fountain is visible from many parts of the town but is well worth seeing close up.

It's at night that King Fahd's Fountain is at its most splendid. As night falls over Jeddah, the fountain is completely illuminated; which means that many people prefer to come and admire it in the evening. The lighting makes it even more breathtaking; the luminous fountain shines out through the darkness. It seems to pierce the night sky and reach for the stars.