The Fakieh Aquarium of Jeddah

Underwater tunnel of the Fakieh Aquarium

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The Red Sea, on the coast of which the town of Jeddah is located, is home to unique marine life and luxurious vegetation comprising numerous undersea species. Its deep waters, where the warm temperature encourages life, are renowned for being home to many kinds of fish, an incredible diversity of sharks and numerous types of corals.

Jeddah is the only Saudi Arabian town to have an aquarium, making the Fakieh Aquarium truly unique. The Aquarium is home to all the major marine species from the depths of the Red Sea. More than two hundred marine animals are to be found there, making a superb spectacle for visitors to enjoy. There are even some very rare species, like the green turtle or the dragon-fish; it's a unique chance to get close to them. In all, about seven thousand creatures are gathered together in this breathtaking place.
This makes the Fakieh Aquarium in Jeddah the perfect place to appreciate the diversity and the richness of the fauna and flora of the Red Sea. Sited in pleasant surroundings close to the sea, the aquarium is a wonderful place that will both interest grown-ups and enchant the little ones. It's the ideal place to spend some quality family time, with play areas and restaurants on-site. The aquarium itself offers numerous activities.

After seeing all the different tanks and after going through the magnificent undersea tunnel that makes you feel that you are yourself under water, you can for example choose to see a dolphin show or sometimes a sea-lion show. It's even possible to book special moments with the dolphins, to swim with them, at certain times of the day.

The Fakieh Aquarium is really an unmissable place to see during your visit to Jeddah. To go there is a fantastic opportunity to see the incredible wonders of the Red Sea, to explore and to learn in a fun way.