Discover the Corcovado of Rio de Janeiro

Discover the Corcovado of Rio de Janeiro

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Since 1931, the huge statue of Christ the Redeemer has stood on top of Corcovado Hill in Rio de Janeiro. A symbol of the ardent Catholic faith that has never waned in the capital, it has defied the storms for over a century. Visible from miles away, it has become the undisputed symbol and foster father of the Brazilian capital.

When you discover Corcovado, the first emotions are those of the journey. Climbing the steep slopes of a tropical park, an electric train offers a dazzling kaleidoscope of views of the city, alternating with immersions in the thick of the woods. For the adventurous, hiking trails wind through the meandering Tijuca forest and take you to the summit, culminating at more than 700 metres after a challenging climb... but one that will find its just reward. Only undertake this crossing on a clear day, so as not to miss anything of the view that is offered up there. Because what awaits you is worth the diversions!

An indescribable panorama

You find yourself on the platform, tiny at the foot of the vertiginous statue's base, a veritable concrete tower. A splendid panorama stretches out on all sides, wherever you turn your head, embracing the slightest slope of the megalopolis and plunging into the ocean. The bay of Guanabara and its deep waters, beaches galore, ribbons of favelas, all surrounded by a formidable tropical jungle: the eyes are intoxicated by the diversity and the colourful panorama. One remains fascinated by so much splendour, so much variety, so much prodigality...

An unmissable climb

The Corcovado will be the highlight of any trip to Brazil. Consider that some people cross oceans in order to see it! It is there that, far from the noise of the streets, with your head in the wind, you can meditate on the uniqueness and beauty of these fascinating and luxuriant lands, close to the oversized statue of Christ.