Tinguely Museum in Basel

The Museum Tinguely in Basel, designed by the Ticienese architect Mario Botta, showcases Jean Tinguely's greatest works.

Tinguely Museum in Basel

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Basel, the Swiss city on the French-German-Swiss border, is famous for its romantic charm, medieval old town, Roman-Gothic cathedral and numerous museums. Among these, Museum Tinguely presents the most extensive collection of works by Jean Tinguely, one of the most important Swiss artists of the 20th century.

The Museum Tinguely in Basel is located 1.4 km from the Apart Hotel Adagio Basel City, about 10 minutes by bus or 20 minutes on foot.

It is built on the banks of the Rhine near the Schwarzwald bridge. Discover an overview of his work through the museum's permanent exhibition. Admire Tinguely's creative genius from his first wire sculptures to the colossal machine sculptures at the end of his life.

In addition, temporary exhibitions are regularly organised around different artists' exploration of the Master's ideas. The museum wishes to promote gateways to other art forms and scientific fields. So, it offers visitors an original interactive experience that appeals to several of our senses. Jean Tinguely (1925-1991) was a champion of kinetic art. He created multiple sculptures and machines.

Captivated by movement and sound, he strove to express its poetry through his work. Discover his 3D creations enhanced with a sound component, based on percussion tools, lithographs, watercolours and collages on paper, as well as his latest sculptures such as Hippopotamus or L'Ours de Bursinel.

During your visit, you can take part in workshops (there are workshops for all age groups), or attend concerts.

Please note that if you go through Euroairport, you'll see the Luminator, an impressive lamp-sculpture by Tinguely.