Goetheanum in Basel

Goetheanum is an architecture trail nestled on the Dornach hill close to Basel. Its organic forms are reminiscent of Rudolf Steiner's architectural visions.

Goetheanum in Basel

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Just a few steps away from your aparthotel on Dornach hill stands the Goetheanum, an extraordinarily rich building which also houses a large cultural and artistic programme.

Today the building is home to the headquarters of the General Anthroposophical Society and the School for Spiritual Science, two institutions founded by Rudolf Steiner.

This little-known concept falls within the realms of esotericism. His great spiritual principles are applied in many disciplines, including art, education and agriculture.

The Goetheanum is home to the headquarters of the Anthroposophical Society along with eleven departments derived from this line of thought.

The foundation stone of the building was laid in 1913, and as World War I was tearing the world apart, representatives of 17 enemy countries joined together for its opening. Over the decades, Rudolf Steiner enhanced the area both aesthetically and architecturally.

On the basis of his sketches, expansion and improvement work was carried out.

Over the decades, the building has been enhanced. Many attractions around its central theatre, which can accommodate 900 people, justify a guided tour.

The interior stained-glass windows based on sketches by Rudolf Steiner, the ceiling fresco and the carved columns are all points of major interest to be discovered during your visit. In particular, the gardens are meticulously cared for, seeking to enhance biodiversity in the broadest sense and apply the principles of biodynamics and permaculture.

Finally, the astronomical observatory, in tandem with the geographical location, allows you to have your head in the stars.

The different rooms and spaces regularly host shows, theatrical performances and conferences.

At the crossroads of artistic and scientific disciplines, the Goetheanum is an unusual meeting place that will charm visitors.