Museum of Contemporary Art in Basel

The Museum of Contemporary Art Basel or Kunstmuseum Basel/Gegenwart, is one of the world's foremost contemporary art museums, not to be missed by art lovers!

Museum of Contemporary Art

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You can stroll around the city from your Basel apartment hotel and enjoy the many museums that this cultural capital of the world has to offer. Among them is the must-see Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Basel, also known as Kunstmuseum Basel/Gegenwart, is part of a complex of three exhibition spaces in the city centre. Designed by major contemporary architects, the main building is attached to a former disused factory, a 19th-century paper mill.

One of the most important museum of contemporary art in the world, opened in 1980, it is one of the reasons why Basel is unanimously renowned as a world centre for contemporary art. In addition to the Museum's permanent collections, the Basel Contemporary Art Fair (Art Basel) attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Visitors to the permanent exhibitions can discover the collections of the Museum itself as well as those of the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation, partly responsible for the founding of the museum.

Most of the works presented here, many of which are monumental, date from post-1990.

In addition to the permanent collections, the Museum hosts numerous temporary exhibitions, making visits even more surprising and enriching. Reflecting the times, both of the city and worldwide, the Museum's exhibitions are aimed at an increasingly numerous and demanding public. Pushing the boundaries, the Museum attracts exhibitions of both famous and lesser-known artists. A visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art will leave a lasting impression and delight even the most demanding visitors.