Visit the Prado: the joys of the beach in the city

Visit the Prado: the joys of the beach in the city

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Marseille offers its inhabitants and visitors the exceptional opportunity to enjoy the delights of the beach in the city. There are no less than 20 hectares of beaches scattered along the 2-kilometre coastline. The Prado is easily accessible as it is well served by public transport, both metro and buses.

The Prado beaches in Marseille are supervised and offer tourists and inhabitants numerous amenities in a friendly atmosphere. Lawns for playing or relaxing, playgrounds, skate park... everything is set up in a way to make the most of the seaside in the very heart of Marseille, a city founded by Phoenician sailors. What's more, in summer, many official sports competitions, including beach soccer and beach volleyball, are held on the Prado beaches.

Festivals and activities in the Prado

The Prado is an ideal place to attend open-air concerts during the Music Festival (Fête de la musique) and to admire the fireworks during national holiday celebrations. It is also an excellent spot for long walks, rollerblading, and cycling. If you like to run, there's nothing quite like jogging along the beaches while admiring the sunrise or sunset. The lawns bordering the beaches are a popular location among football lovers as they are perfect for playing your favourite sport while enjoying the sea breeze. Note also that the famous Stade Vélodrome is not far. If you need a refreshment, countless terraced cafés are waiting to greet you with open arms for a moment of idleness before you head to taste the local cuisine in one of the restaurants at the Escale Borély. There are also shops and museums, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and MAMO, the art centre of the Radiant City. As a matter of fact, Prado beach is located not far from Borély Park and its castle.