Discovering the MUCEM in Marseille

Discovering the MUCEM in Marseille

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The MUCEM or Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations is a site rich in history and culture that opens its doors to all those who are eager to learn. It is located near the port of Marseille. It is not only a historical museum, it is a real bridge between two different civilizations or more exactly, a passage linking the present city with a legendary past.

The J4 building offers a breathtaking view of the sea and the mainland. The "Gallery of the Mediterranean" exhibits the history, particularities and civilisation of the Mediterranean world. It is located on level 1. On the upper level, intermittent exhibitions take turns. This is the building where the greatest historical works are gathered. The Fort Saint-Jean, located at the entrance to the port, houses the permanent collections. The fort itself has its own history, having been built as a military building in the 12th century. Today, it tells the story of what it has witnessed, through an audiovisual system. The route from the fort to the J4 is about 100 metres long.

A building for connoisseurs

The Conservation and Resource Centre preserves all the secrets of the Museum, including the collections and holdings of the MuCEM, both handwritten and digital. Some of the rooms are open to the culturally minded and to those who wish to delve deeper into history. Visits are usually on request. The MuCEM offers an interactive tour and activities for children. Visits for groups of 7 to 25 people can be booked 1 or 3 weeks in advance, depending on whether the visit is guided or self-guided. The site has been designed to be easily accessible to everyone. The downloadable site map allows you to find the most suitable route. Subtitles, sign language or amplification of hearing aids are available for the hearing impaired.