Visit the Frioul Islands: what is there to see?

Visit the Frioul Islands: what is there to see?

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The Frioul archipelago is located just a couple of miles off the coast of Marseilles and is actually an integral part of the city because it is one of its districts. Although the most well-known island is the île d'If, the two main ones are Pomègues and Ratonneau.

Fifteen minutes by ferry from the Old Port of Marseille, the port of Frioul is the main entrance to these wild islands with magnificent landscapes. A causeway called the Digue de Berry connects the two large islands, where only around one hundred people live all year round. An iconic site of Marseille, a city founded by Phoenician sailors, the Frioul archipelago offers a true change of scenery and guarantees a real breath of fresh air and tranquillity. Today, the Frioul Islands maritime park helps protect the archipelago's unique heritage.


Near the port, the Saint-Estève and Morgiret coves are the perfect spot to sunbathe and swim in clear, shallow waters. The Calanque de Ratonnneau, a cove that is more difficult to reach, is calmer and offers an exceptional view onto the bay of Marseille. The Calanque de la Crine, often described as the most beautiful cove of the Frioul Islands, truly deserves its nickname of small Tahiti. Its waters are so turquoise that beholders are left speechless. However, it has to be earned, as it is the cove that is furthest away from the port!

Things to see and do on the Frioul Islands

Visit the fortress of the Château d'If, a world-known national monument. The Château d'If is renowned for its prison, where the famous Count of Monte Cristo was imprisoned, the popular literary character created by Alexandre Dumas. Make the most of the sublime seabeds in your mark and snorkel, not to mention the stunning beaches and other coves. Walk along this true haven of peace where cars are not allowed and where the island topography makes it a perfect place for a stroll.