Pfalz in Basel

Pfalz or Münsterplattform is a terrace with a panoramic view of the river and the city.

Pfalz à Bâle

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Visiting the charming border town of Basel in Switzerland allows you to discover its rich historical, cultural and religious heritage. Crossed by the Rhine, Basel has numerous museums and an authentic medieval city centre. To enjoy a magnificent view of the river and the city, there is nothing better than to go to the terrace called Pfalz, or Münsterplattform.

If you are staying at the apart hotel Adagio Basel City, it is an easy 10 minutes' walk away.

You cross the Rhine on the Wettsteinbrücke bridge, admiring the Protestant cathedral of Basel, which dominates the Pfalz. The word comes from the Latin palatium, meaning palace.

The Palace of the Prince-Bishop of Basel was once adjacent to this panoramic terrace overlooking the Rhine. This bishop's palace no longer exists today.

On the river side, there are steps leading to the Münsterfähre pier. Here you can take a relaxing and picturesque ferry trip across the Rhine. On the cathedral side, there is an entrance to a cloister that is the resting place of figures from eminent Basel families of past centuries.

You will be able to admire superb tombstones.

From the Basel Pfalz you can even see the first hills of the Black Forest. In the foreground, the Rhine unfolds its curves and bridges, leading to the Kleinbasel or Little Basel district.

During a walk in the city, or after visiting the cathedral, this is the ideal place to rest while enjoying the view, and you can even use the public telescope. Numerous benches in the shade welcome walkers and provide a place to enjoy your take-away lunch in a perfect relaxing atmosphere.