Dreiländereck in Basel

The Dreiländereck is a monument in Basel, Switzerland. It stands at the exact point of intersection of the borders of Switzerland, Germany and France.

Dreiländereck in Basel

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During your stay in an apartment hotel, don't miss the chance to visit the Dreiländereck, a geographical curiosity that's been given tangible form in a monument.

The Dreiländereck stands at the exact point of intersection of Switzerland, Germany and France. Such intersections are not uncommon: there are 134 tripoints, also known as trijunctions, in the world.

These geographical and administrative curiosities make it possible to jump from one country, language and culture to another in a single step.

The Dreiländereck in Basel is in the middle of the Rhine. The monument representing it was built in 1957 and is more than 15 metres high. It is reminiscent of the streamlined shape of a fighter plane.

Today, the Dreiländereck is also a leisure area. The building at the tripoint houses a bar, a terrace with a view of the river and a function hall.

During the summer, the Dreiländereck even adopts a seaside spirit with an artificial beach, cocktails and palm trees! You can explore the harbour or take a tour of the Dreiländereck with the Basel shipping company or a Rhytaxi.

Nature lovers can prepare a picnic and find a spot by the riverside to enjoy the peaceful view and the passing river traffic. The Dreiländereck is also a strategic transit hub. It is the base for a lot of trade in raw materials. Cruise ships also depart for the North Sea from here.

The Dreiländereck is a geographical symbol and a monument for peace.

Whether you take photos or go for a drink on the Rhine, you will enjoy the trip.