Enjoy holidays in Geneva between lakes and mountains

Enjoy holidays in Geneva between lakes and mountains

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Nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva, Geneva itself is ideally placed to enjoy a holiday in the Swiss lakes and mountains. The best views over the lake are actually to be had from the Swiss side in Geneva looking out to the snow-capped French Alps.

Make your base in a rental apartment close to the city centre which will allow you to access public transport easily. A great way to relax is to book a trip on one of the lake steamers, sit and chill out with a cup of tea or coffee and watch the scenery drift by; it is guaranteed to make you feel good. Don’t forget to look back towards the city to see the famous Jet d’eau spout water 140 metres into the air.

City Highlights

Geneva’s Old Town is a melange of cobblestone streets and alleyways which are crammed full of boutiques, cafes and historic buildings at every turn. The 15th century Hotel de Ville still serves as the government building and the Bourg-de-Four is the oldest public square in the town. St Peters Cathedral sits at the heart of the Old Town and is the oldest church in Geneva. It began life in 1160 and took over 400 years to complete. In contrast the Russian church is a completely different style; built by Russian expatriates it features an opulent interior with orthodox icons. The Place Neuve is surrounded by the Conservatory of Music, the Grand Opera Theatre, the Rath Museum and the nearby Victory Concert Hall making it a mecca for culture lovers.