Walking in the calanques of Marseille

Walking in the calanques of Marseille

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The Calanques de Marseille massif, which includes 12 occurrences of this particular form of outcrop, stretches over some twenty kilometres of coastline from Marseille to Cassis. The calanques of Marseille offer a landscape of extreme and unique beauty, which provides countless opportunities for entertainment, study, sports activities and discovery.

Calanques are a form of cliff found only on the Mediterranean coast. They offer scenes of magnificent beauty at different times of the day. It is a place where the waters are cool at any time of the day. At the foot of the calanques, there are numerous beaches with fine white sand, and you can see the huts that are scattered on the different heights. When you reach the summits, incredible views are offered to you. The calanques of Marseille also offer a unique ecosystem, composed of a flora that can only be found in these places, with mangroves in places, but also a specific fauna.

What can you do in the calanques?

The calm and fresh waters are ideal for swimming close to the shore, as well as diving in the depths. - These waters are reputed to have therapeutic virtues, which is why many spas are located in the calanques. - The various huts and heights are good places to observe nature, for scientists or lovers of marine wildlife. - The calanques also offer many opportunities for hiking, but also for climbing, as not all of them have marked paths to the summits. Travelling to the calanques, one can also take part in various events, such as a boat race through the massif which takes place every summer.