Zurich Zoo

Discover Zurich Zoo in the Fluntern district with family or friends. It's one of the main family attractions in the Swiss city!

Zurich Zoo

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Located in the 7th district of Zurich, in beautiful Fluntern, Zurich Zoo is one of the main family attractions in the Swiss city. Overlooking the city's rooftops and easily accessible from the city centre, curious travellers are sure to enjoy this special natural space where some 4,000 animals, representing around 350 species, live today.

Established almost 100 years ago, Zurich Zoo is renowned for the diversity of its animal population and its excellent species preservation and reproduction programmes. At the time, it was one of the first zoological gardens to be managed in a scientific way. Today, Zurich is still a benchmark in this area around the world.

For their well-being, the animals at Zurich Zoo live in environments that are as close as possible to their natural surroundings. This is also why the zoo is divided into several habitats, all with specific flora and fauna:

  • a misty mountain forest
  • high mountains
  • a dry forest
  • a sea coast
  • a desert and the steppes
  • a savannah and a meadow
  • a rainforest
  •  a built-up area
  • a wetland and marine ecosystems


The major points of interest at Zurich Zoo include the Masoala greenhouse, a mini-ecosystem of the rainforest of Madagascar and the Lewa savannah, which notably hosts a large population of giraffes, rhinos and baobabs. 

For the bravest among you, the zoological garden is also home to magnificent large carnivores like lions, tigers and snow leopards. You'll roar with delight! Good news: an aparthotel is never far from the destination of your dreams.