St. Peter's Church Zurich

Discover St. Peter's Church, the only baroque church in Zurich and the oldest in the city. The clock in the bell tower is the largest in Europe. 

St. Peter's Church Zurich

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By choosing one of our aparthotels in Zurich, you will not only have the opportunity to enjoy fully equipped accommodation in complete autonomy, but also to take advantage of the most beautiful locations in this Swiss city, which attracts many visitors every year. 

What is there to do in Zurich?


The economic capital of Switzerland, Zurich, is a true land of diversity and riches, where you will enjoy a cultural heritage that will undoubtedly appeal to young and old alike. 

With the snow-capped Alps as a backdrop, this city offers many activities. Whether you are a lover of culture, history, gastronomy, nature or sporting activities, you are sure to find something to do during your stay, whether it's short or long. 

Between the lively nightlife, more than 50 museums, the famous lake and the summit of Uetliberg, shopping destinations, Swiss gastronomy, swimming and other water and snow sports, all the ingredients are there for you to have an unforgettable stay. 

Another type of visit that Zurich offers is its churches. Being an integral part of the landscape, they represent a true emblem of the city steeped in history. Among all that there is to find, the must-see is St. Peter's Church.


St. Peter's Church, Zurich


The only baroque church in Zurich, St. Peter's Church is also the oldest in the city. Dating from the 9th century, the clock on the bell tower is also the largest in Europe. 

The dial is 8.7 meters in diameter and the five bells, the largest of which alone weighs 6,000 kilos not including the clapper, make it a must-see. 

Acquired in 1345 by Rudolf Brun, the city's first mayor, the monument to his tomb is also visible near the exterior wall of the building.