Lake Zurich

Discover Lake Zurich with family or friends. If you're more into sports or an explorer, you're sure to have fun on this main attraction of the city.

Lake Zurich

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Once your luggage has been unpacked in your fully equipped aparthotel in our residence, take advantage of your stay near Lake Zurich in Switzerland to try out new activities. Whether your stay is short or long, whether you're solo or with family or friends, you are sure to find something enjoyable for young and old alike.

Lake Zurich, a great destination for excursions

A very popular destination in Switzerland, Lake Zurich offers many possibilities. Whether you are a fan of sports, a swimmer, an explorer, or a foodie, you will always find something to enjoy near this main attraction of the city.

While Lake Zurich was once a transit and transport route, today it's an ideal destination for enjoying nature in summer and winter. 

Extending over an area of 90 square kilometres in the southern part of the city and a real source of joy in the city, it represents a great opportunity to test yourself by doing different activities. 

What is there to do around Lake Zurich?

No matter what season you come to stay in Zurich, you will always find a way to have fun on your own or with your family. 

In summer, you will have plenty of time to swim, take a boat trip to explore the small villages located on the shores of the lake, for a stopover on the island of Lützelau and to try out water sports such as windsurfing, paddleboarding or even water skiing. 

In winter, if the lake is completely frozen, you can try out ice skating, but even if it's not, the ice rinks at Küsnacht and Wädenswil located by the lake are ideal for skating. 

Foodies will have the opportunity to discover regional specialties such as Fischknusperli, a crispy specialty made from fresh fish directly from the lake.