Vannes: Fortress of Largoët

The fortress of Largoët is a medieval site located in Morbihan, 13 km from Vannes. It is also known as Elven Towers.

Vannes: Fortress of Largoet

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The Fortress of Largoët is one of hundreds of Breton sites classified as Historic Monuments. It is a must see for lovers of history, old stones and medieval legends.

The origin of the Fortress


Located 13km from Vannes, the fortress is also called Tour d'Elven or Elven Towers It was built in several stages from the 13th century onwards, at a time when the region was highly strategic between the various local rivalries, England and the Kingdom of France. Over the centuries, it was modified, sold and resold, until it came into the hands of Nicolas Fouchet in the 18th century. In the 19th centuryit became a place of tourism and remembrance.

Remarkable architecture


Today, the castle is partially in ruins, but it is still spectacular and preserves all the characteristics of a medieval castle: it has a huge octagonal tower 45 metres high, a smaller round tower, an imposing drawbridge, a covered way, a castle tower, etc.

Visit Largoët


Largoët is extremely well-preserved. For children who often dream of castles and knights or for adults with a thirst for history, this is a visit that is sure to please. On your way to visit the castle, you will cross the majestic forest that surrounds it. The pond will also be a pleasant place for a short break. Once arrived, you will be projected a few centuries back in time and will easily see yourself the daily life of the lords living in the castle. You and your family can also take part in the landscape game: a treasure hunt that will have you scouring the estate in search of all kinds of clues, an opportunity to see the site from a different perspective.

About ten minutes by car from your apart hotel, the Fortress of Largoët is a jewel of Breton heritage that will delight young and old alike.