Vannes: the Maison Rose (the pink house)

Located near Port-Anna, the Maison Rose (the pink house) is a landmark for navigation in the Gulf of Morbihan, especially for the entrance to the port of Vannes.

Vannes: the Maison Rose (the pink house)

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Come for an unforgettable experience with your stay in an Aparthotel in the typical Breton city of Vannes! During your visit, take the opportunity to explore the medieval gates, the small cobbled streets, the city's fortifications and the atypical cathedral of Saint-Pierre de Vannes with its Gothic and Romanesque styles right in the centre. This Gulf of Morbihan destination also merits a fun and pleasant cruise during which you can't fail to note a famous and atypical place: la Maison Rose.

A landmark for all sailors


A fixed and identifiable maritime landmark at the entrance to the River Vannes known to all sailors and synonymous with the arrival at Port-Anna and Conleau, the Maison Rose located at the end of the Séné peninsula in the Bellevue sector is a true icon of the Gulf of Morbihan. Surrounded by a large wooded park and having a quay and a slipway, this slate-roofed house has the particularity of being painted pink.

A place steeped in history


When built in 1879 for the oyster farmer Mathurin Juteau from Vannes, the Maison Rose was a large two-storey building. In 1903, Mathurin Juteau's daughter and his son-in-law, Emmanuel Normand, became the owners. They built an aqueduct to ensure the flow of rainwater and household water. In 1943, the house was extended with two symmetrical wings. With nineteen openings, nine in the main facade, the Maison Rose now belongs to a real estate company. Its atypical colour, which never goes unnoticed, is registered with the Hydrographic and Oceanic Service of the Navy, which means that although it is not protected as a Historic Monument, its owners cannot consider changing the colour of the sea-side façade. Don't forget to take your camera when visiting this very popular tourist site!