Parc Naturel Regional du Golfe du Morbihan

Located on the Gulf on Morbihan, the Parc Naturel Regional du Golfe du Morbihan is known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Parc Naturel Regional du Golfe du Morbihan

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The Gulf of Morbihan provides a haven of tranquillity for many bird and animal species. Its location, climate and topography make it a paradise for flora and fauna – a paradise that flourishes even more freely in the Parc Naturel Régional.

What is the Parc Naturel Régional?


It is an area that is officially recognized for its natural beauty (the diversity of its landscapes with marshes, dunes, rocky areas, moors etc.), its cultural heritage (the Gulf has been inhabited by man since the Paleolithic period and the many archaeological sites bear witness to its activity as a port since Roman times) and its authenticity. As such, it is protected and promoted.

Discover nature in the Park


The Park is a great place to help children become aware of the environment and the importance of animal conservation. It is an ideal site for observing animals, and especially birds, in the wild. Every year, tens of thousands of birds migrate to and from different parts of the world: the Gulf offers the perfect setting to get to know them better.

Walking in the Park


Of course, this protected area is an appealing place for hiking and other outdoor activities. There are plenty of footpaths by the sea or the marshes that are suitable for everyone. You can even take advantage of low tide to roam around Île Tascon. You can also gather seafood on the beach at low tide. It's a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy and a great way to discover clams and winkles! Finally, don't miss out on exploring some of the 212 sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Gulf abounds in archaeological treasures that will allow you to time-travel a few centuries into the past.

Your stay in an apartment hotel is the chance to enjoy nature to the full in the Parc Régional Naturel du Golfe du Morbihan.