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You can't plan a trip to Amsterdam without taking advantage of the plethora of museums for which the city is known. Among them, one in particular catches everyone's attention: the Rijksmuseum.  As the largest museum in the country both in terms of visitors and displayed works, it will be a must-see during your trip to the Netherlands.

A true celebration of national history and its cultural treasures, the Rijksmuseum is impressive first and foremost by its surprising diversity. With more than one million works, the most famous museum in the country tells you the history of the Netherlands from the year 1100 to present day through the works of the greatest masters.

Its 200 or so exhibition rooms display a wide range of works, highlighting visual arts, sculpture, and decorative arts. To tailor to everyone's interests, the museum also houses a large collection of prints, engravings, and photographs and has a department dedicated to Asian art.

However, the Rijksmuseum is famous particularly thanks to its striking collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age, the 17th century. The museum therefore gives visitors the opportunity to contemplate the irresistible beauty of a number of masterpieces by Rembrandt and his students, the subtlety of the paintings by Johannes Vermeer, but also the Baroque painting of great artists such as Frans Hals or Jan Steel.

Among the highlights, don't miss Rembrandt's "The Night Watch", the museum's most popular displayed artwork, Vermeer's "The Milkmaid", which inspired the film "Girl with a Pearl Earring" starring Colin Firth and Scarlett Johansson, and Jan Asselijn's "The Threatened Swan", a majestic allegory of a country fighting against invading armies.

Open every day of the week, the Rijksmuseum offers guided tours and multimedia tours.