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Notting Hill is a must-see area for anyone who wants to experience an authentic London atmosphere.
Artists and traders are scattered among trendy bars and world food (1) restaurants, which illustrate the multicultural heritage of this unique neighbourhood.

Portobello Road is the beating heart of Notting Hill, with its celebrated antique dealers and second-hand shops where celebrities can be found hunting for treasures. You can enjoy its famous market on Fridays and Saturdays and kick back in one of the many bars and restaurants where ska meets reggae and jazzy sounds. This area is set apart by its eclectic cuisine, as seen in the incredible exotic food stands in Acklam Village Market, on the corner of Cambridge Gardens. Fish and chip fans should make a stop at Geales, a national institution that has stood in Hillgate Village for over 70 years. This chic residential enclave behind the old Coronet cinema is known for its colourful terraced houses, designed in a typical London style.

The amazing "Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising" was originally located on one of these famous mews (2), transporting you back in time all the way to the Victorian era. Finally, any lucky tourists visiting London at the end of August should check out the Caribbean-inspired Notting Hill Carnival, which has become the largest street carnival in Europe and a must-see national event!

(1) World food: diverse cuisine representing the culinary traditions of different regions of the globe.

(2) Mews, originally meaning stables, refers to the small paved London cul-de-sacs with low terraced houses that served as stables and housing for the staff of the upper-class houses in the adjacent streets until the 19th century.