What to do in Hamburg ?

What to do in Hamburg?

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Visiting Hamburg, Germany's second largest city, means taking a river tour of the Speicherstadt warehouses, enjoying the view of Jungfernstieg, the glittering avenue facing the Alster lake, illuminated by its luxury shops and the shimmering reflections of the lake, or visiting its many museums. The collections on display have up to 4,000 years of history to tell you. A visit to Hamburg is a timeless journey of discovery in an ocean of the unknown, where reality surpasses the imagination and you return enriched by your new knowledge and the discoveries of this "Tor zur Welt", the gateway to the world.

A whole programme awaits you in this port city dating from the 9th century AD. If you thought you knew everything about Hamburg, think again and let yourself go to the rhythm of one of the greenest cities in Europe. Few cities are able to turn port activity into a must-see, and you'll find that out soon enough when you visit the warehouse city, Speicherstadt.  

Visit the Speicherstadt during your stay in Hamburg


You can visit the Speicherstadt on foot during your visit to Hamburg, or choose to discover the warehouse city on a river cruise. This way you'll have an incredible view of these red brick neo-Gothic buildings, built between 1883 and 1927, and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your stay in Hamburg cannot miss this visit. The river walk to this complex of warehouses, linked together by a network of bridges and canals, will give you a first glimpse of the world's largest historic warehouse complex. You can also visit Hafencity, the city's port, which is often part of the river tour, and learn more about the development of the city and the importance of maritime trade to its growth.


Walking around Jungfernstieg


Separating the Altstadt, the old town, from the rest of the city, the Jungfernstieg promenade is Hamburg's luxurious avenue. It faces the Binneralster lake, revealing the extent of the luxury shops that line this avenue against the golden glow of the lake. This avenue, built on a dyke, offers a walk with a breathtaking view of the lake and the various palaces and gourmet restaurants adjacent to it. Construction is regulated, with buildings all rising to the same height, and not allowed to differ in terms of signage. It will be a golden letter for all, with lighting illuminating the avenue at night. To enjoy the view of this promenade during your stay in Hamburg, we advise you to admire the illumination of the shops from the Lombardsbrücke bridge, where you can see the reflection of the illuminations on the lake.


The Kunstmeile


Visiting Hamburg without wanting to take a ticket for the Kunstemeile is like visiting Paris without seeing the Louvre. A heresy, since visiting the "art mile" is a must during your stay in Hamburg. With this pass, you will have access to 5 different museums, each with different collections ranging from contemporary art at the Kunstverein to Flemish painting at the Kunsthalle. You will also have access to the Deichtorhallen, a former fruit and vegetable hall converted into a museum of art and photography, which also houses the House of Photography. In the museum you will find Europe's largest contemporary art hall, which regularly exhibits world-renowned artists. Away from the fruit hall of the Deichtorhallen, you can visit the Bucerius art forum, a private art gallery with new collections four times a year. Here you can admire works by Matisse, Miro, Picasso and many others. Finally, the Museum Fur Kunst und Gewerbe (Museum of Art and Business) offers a collection of almost half a million items, ranging from antiquity to the present day. Its collection makes it one of the largest museums of applied arts in Europe. It is impossible to miss these visits during your stay in Hamburg.


The banks of the Alster


The river Elbe flows through part of Europe and connects Hamburg to the sea. The river Alster, which flows into it, gives Hamburg its river credentials, and allows you to enjoy many walks along the river or on the water. The banks of the Alster are popular with locals and tourists alike, offering relaxation and activities on the banks of the lake. During your stay in Hamburg, you can discover the lake by boat, or by walking along its shores, or even by having a drink on the lake in the various establishments that border the water. A visit to the city where you can discover the habits of the Hamburgers, between privileged moments, family picnics or sports activities with friends.

Visiting Hamburg cannot be improvised, and it is preferable to find out about its various activities before planning your stay in Hamburg. This way, you will be able to take advantage of each of the planned activities, whether you prefer to stroll along the banks of the Alster or spend your money on the Jungfernstieg promenade.

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