Visit Fort Boyard by renting an aparthotel nearby

Visit Fort Boyard by renting an aparthotel nearby

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Fort Boyard is a historical monument built between the island of Oleron and the island of Aix, in the department of Charente-Maritime and the region Poitou-Charentes. Erected on the orders of Colbert, on the fringe of the creation of the Rochefort arsenal, this magnificent sand bank is the location of a television game show initiated by Jacques Antoine in 1990.

Built around the 17th century, the building serves as a fortification of the French coastline. Renowned engineers and technicians were involved in its construction, which spanned almost 200 years of history. The construction had its ups and downs and was only completed in 1857. France spent a fortune on this monumental construction, which was initially used as a military fort, but later became a state prison. Due to a lack of prisoners, the fort served as a passive defence of the country until it became the location for a famous TV game show of the same name created by Jean-Pierre Mitrecey, Jacques Antoine and Pierre Launay.

Visit Fort Boyard and its surroundings

The monument is off-limits to visitors all year round and the only way to appreciate its beauty is to take a cruise around it. Fans of the TV show take a cruise every year, in winter as well as in summer, from several nearby ports. From Fort Boyard, you can appreciate the Pointe de la Fumée, the port of Fouras, the Ile d'Aix, Fort Enet, the Rade de la Rochelle, the Phare du Bout du Monde, Boyardville, La Rochelle, Saint-Denis d'Oléron, Rochefort, the River Charente, the Port des Barques as well as Fort Louvois with a view of the citadel of the Château and the coasts of the Ile d'Oléron